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Top Reasons To Visit Greece In Spring

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6 Top Reasons To Visit Greece In Spring That Will Make You A Storyteller (MARCH TO MAY)


Wedding Season, Valentine Season, everywhere! Where to go, where not to, nobody knows! It’s never easy to find the one place where to get all your vacation goals sorted. Well, stop trying out exploring the local experiences in your country during the spring season, fly to Greece to enjoy the sense of true island life with your family or beloved.


The month of March is the springtime in Greece, and you could feel the spring in the air. March is the time in Greece when the weather turns warmer, with days getting longer. From beautiful cobalt blue skies to bright sunshine, Greece marks the perfect temperature in March that hoves around maximum at 21 degrees Celcius.

Plus, the best islands in Greece like Santorini and Mykonos boast the perfect ambiance for every type of tourist in Spring in March – be it be a family traveler or honeymoon couples.


Greece is a place like no other because, in Greece, you can revel the vast arrays of colors on the skies, yellow, red, brown, blue, and different shades of sunset at the famous Greek Islands like Santorini.

Now you think that you are convinced to book Greece tour packages? No, you’re not! Swissolidays have paired up the tempting reasons to visit Greece in Spring in March that will force you to pack your bags and set out to explore the natural beauty of Greece.

From turquoise beaches to cobblestone streets, discover why you should visit Greece in Spring months:


  1. Handful Of Experiences At World Famous Destinations Without Crowds

The sheer name of Greece holidays for travellers conjures up the images of the most favourite Greek islands like Santorini and Mykonos. both these Greek islands are famous for good reasons. however, they become expensive and its price gets skyrocketed in the peak months, so the island gets pretty crowded with hoards of tourists.

That’s why March to June is the magical time to explore the Mykonos and Santorini on budget expense. You can enjoy the intimate Greek island experience at an affordable cost between March to July.


  • Take a walking tour of the streets of Little Venice or Mykonos, and shop till you drop at the shops dotted in and around Mykonos and Santorini.
  • You can spend some relaxing time amidst the sea and soak the serenity of the sea or beach air around you!
  • Sunset in Santorini are magical and rewarding, so make sure to witness as much as the sunset with BAE on Greece tour.


  1. Unlock True Island Adventure

Frankly, enjoying a sense of true island life in Greece is the important reason to visit Greece in 2020 Spring. Plus, while hopping around the islands, you can discover the new experiences at each place you visit in Greece, which is, however, usually obscured during the peak season to visit Greece. From culture to interact with the locals, one could sense the true island holidays in spring in Greece.

BEST EXPERIENCES – Most of the Greek Islands are shrouded with local populations, and spring is the time when you can watch the locals shaking their legs on the natural rhythms of the local celebrations and gathering arranged by them. It’s one of the best experiences to tick on the Greece holiday package.


  1. Unlock The Different Shades And Colours Of Greek Islands

The most trending reason to visit Greece in 2020 Spring is the innumerable jaw-dropping pictures with perfect backdrops. YES!! With dry brown hills, whitewashed homes, restaurant with sea views to dine, Greece gets glittered in the spring season and turns a tourist into a storyteller. Wondering how?

BEST EXPERIENCES – In between the cooler months, Greece turns green because of the winter rains. so, it’s obvious that when the spring strikes in Greece, myriad wildflowers come into bloom. From butterflies buzzing around the lofty hills to spotting the migratory birds, you can sense the incredible bouquet of natural fragrances at the spring duration in Greece.


  1. Great Temperature For Fun-Frolic Activities

If you are visiting Greece in March for colourful and vibrant spring holidays, then the perfect temperature for fun-frolic activities is also the main reason why tourists are getting crazy to visit Greece in 2020 spring! For beach lovers, the Greek summer heat is a beacon of hope and you can laze and spend your days at the pristine Greek beaches and become a beach bump!

BEST EXPERIENCES – Whether you want to paddle the cycle across the hills or you want to tour the temples to make divine prayers, you can even take short hikes to the hills and devour the cold coffee at the air-conditioned cafes and bars.

ADVICE – Review the best time to book your Greece vacation package from your holiday planner for Greek beach exploration timings and the top months.


  1. Watch The Flowers Blooming

Where? At Thessaloniki. Once it was the city popular for its vibrant festivals, cultural events, and local life, but nowadays, its the renowned Greece cultural capital by travel magazines. You could literally see the flowers blossoming throughout the Thessaloniki. trust us, a day trip to this Roman metropolis will brighten up your day! You must wander around the local flower markets to pick and gift bright flowers to your lady love.

BEST EXPERIENCES – Apart from the vibrant flowers, you can spot the ample of lush green vegetation and towering leafy trees. What does this mean? Cleary that Spring is the best time to tour Thessaloniki in Greece. Also,

Don’t forget to witness the outstanding natural beauty in Spring at Crete. its an amazing place for those who are interested in bird spotting and wildlife excursions.


  1. Enjoy Strong Atmosphere Of Greek Easter Celebration

Wondering where to head to for enjoying the strong atmosphere of Greek Easter Celebration? Without a doubt, head to Corfu in the Easter Week that falls on Spring month. From bringing out the natural beauty to cultural gorgeousness, Corfu around Greek Easter Celebration is the place that gets shrouded with lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and electrifying celebration gatherings. Celebrating the Greek Easter in Corfu is the best thing to do in Greece in spring.


Spring months in Greece are perfect for those travelers who want to book affordable tour packages to Greece with inclusions like airfares, meals, accommodations, sightseeing, transport and more!

Spring in Greece is the time when its renowned islands are a beacon for hope for couples. for example, Santorini and Mykonos offer low cost price accommodation where the best outside landscape beauty is best experienced from your room window.

So, We Are Saying….

Are you ready to fall in Love with Greece in 2020 spring? Don’t think that Greece is expensive as we are Swissolidays have a very flexible payment option on our Greece tour packages.

Upgrade your Greece holiday experience with our premium range of Greece tours that spice up your Greece trip and enhance your mind, body, and soul. Ready to Book? LET’S GO!

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