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Top 8 Reasons To Visit Italy

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Why Would You Go To Italy: 2020’s Top 8 Reasons To Visit Italy


Buckle up your passport, pack your backpacks because you could not get more convinced anywhere else for why you will love Italy!


When you feel that you want to spend the rest of your life with your beloved, then you desire for that perfect romantic place to make that moment special. Isn’t it true? But for this celebration, you seek a romantic place so that you can bookmark your romantic moment with an unforgettable memory. Gone were those days when the couple used to celebrate their romance at the restaurants because the commercialization has ruined everything, and couples don’t get much time to rekindle their flames of romance.


We suggest you book the Italy tour package in 2020 because Italy is an amazing European country with an abundance of scenic natural beauty, lip-smacking local food, intriguing art.




Italy is surely the country of love if Paris is the city of Love. From gorgeous seaside villages to acres of rolling hills, from magnificent historical sites to intriguing artwork and sculptures, Italy is the Mediterranean country positioned in southern Europe. The country has a warm climate, buzzling nightlife, soul-stirring landscapes, and much more to enjoy! Italy has been labeled as the most number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites under its belts.


Now don’t sweat about why you should go to Italy in 2020! When you were busy browsing the countless Italy tours on other websites, the Swissolidays have curated the top reasons to visit Italy in 2020 that will change the perception you currently think about Italy!


  1. To Marvel Roman Ruins

The first of my best 8 reasons to visit Italy is really hard to justify because I’m a history lover, and I would go to Italy to marvel at Roman Ruins. So, if you are traveling to Italy, get your Italy trip fulfilled with the vast knowledge of Roman History. Embark on a well-guided tour by the local Italian experts and unfold how history played a key role in shaping ITALY. A guided tour around the Roman ruins with a local guide will give you a deep insight of the Roman Empire and Medieval economic powers like Milan, Venice.


MUST SEE ROMAN RUINS – Colosseum, Pantheon, Herculaneum, Pompeii.


  1. Turquoise Blue Beaches Are Everywhere

Do you know that Italy has approximately 5,000 miles of coastline and wherever you visit in Italy, you will find the turquoise blue beach? With 20 regions total, only one – Umbria is a landlocked one. Bask under the sun at the wild, empty stretches in dunes in Tuscany. Hop the islands like Sardinia and Sicily to luxuriate at the pristine blue-white sandy beaches.


If you have been a tourist to the Caribbean Islands, then you would relate that the Italian beaches and its coastline are equally breathtaking! And if you are a responsible traveler, you would love to stroll the Italian beaches because most of its beaches are honored for sea protection, environmental protection activities.


MUST SEE ITALY BEACHES – Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa, Chia Beach, Sardinia, Tropia Beach, Calabria.


  1. Fall In Love With Venice

We urge you to tour Venice in your Italy holiday itinerary even if you are flying to Italy for a honeymoon or family vacay. Venice has a romantic vibe in its air that will set your heart aflutter. From the vibrant, colorful canal filled city to enjoying Gondoliers, from devouring the delicious seafood to museum-hopping adventure, Venice itself is a big reason to visit Italy!


  1. Lock-In Your Love And Then Throw The Key On Ponte Vecchio

How about exploring the same place where the world wide praised movie – Ho Voglia di Te or I Want You was filmed? There are many places to visit in Italy that are featured in many world-famous movies, out of which the one you should explore on Italy vacations is Ponte Vecchio. The place is garlanded with countless Padlocks of Love. The custom was initiated during the World War because that time, soldiers would tie the locks as a gesture of promise that they will soon return to their home. How romantic is it?


  1. Go Horse Riding Through Tuscany’s Beautiful Chianti Region

Isn’t the sheer name of Tuscany conjures up the images of romantic picnic, red wines, sun-kissed sunshine, and newly awakened love? These days Instagram is flooded with many beautiful pictures of Tuscany. Such is the charm of Tuscany amongst the Hollywood directors that the movie “Under The Tuscan Sun” was filmed there. If you, too, want to make your tour package to Italy the rewarding experience, then arouse your romance by taking a romantic ride on the horse back’s and explore the rolling vineyards and Tuscan Red Wines too! It doesn’t get better than this. Trust us!


  1. Score The Tuscan Wine Trail

Add a little more romance and wine in your Italy exploration and score the Tuscan Wine Trail because Tuscany is home to the most rewarding beautiful landscapes in Italy! Pick the most romantic way to witness Italy’s landscape beauty on Tuscan Trail and focus on a wine tasting tour with BAE or family!


ADVICE – Devor the classic Chianti region along with strolling the suburbs regions like Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano to sample the appetizing cuisine.


  1. Sunset Boat tour At Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast will blow your mind away! Wondering why?. It’s called the Mecca for romance for honeymooners where couples can ring some romantic bells. Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty in the form dramatic cliffs, jaw-dropping Mediterranean views, beautiful villages perched atop cliffs overlooking the glorious sea, Amalfi Coast stretches around 30 miles and is itself the most inspiring reason to visit on Italy honeymoon packages.


Arouse your romance in the sunset hours by taking a sunset boat tour at Amalfi Coast. There are options for couples to become yacht owners for a few hours. This The Amalfi Coast Sunset Tour will let you sip wine, and you with your spouse can devour wine while cruising along the coast and admiring the glorious sunset.


BEST EXPERIENCE – Hire a luxurious car like Ferrari or Lamborghini and drive the winding seaside roads with your BAE. Explore the charming coastal towns, and spend some time at the turquoise blue beaches. You can make your stay ultra-luxurious by staying at the world-class hotels that boast the best views of Amalfi Coast.


  1. Wind Around The Sagrantino Wine Road In Umbria

Adventure loving couples who want to make memories of Italy holidays must take a romantic drive in Italy’s most romantic road trip destinations, The Strada del Sagrantino in Umbria. The place is an equally romantic and unexplored neighbor of Tuscany. The road is stretched upto 40 miles and is considered best to take romantic drives with BAE. Head to this charming place and explore the region because Italy’s best wine is made in Umbria. You will episode the enigmatic attractions like Montefalco and can enjoy the jaw-dropping views, ancient churches, and Roman Ruins too!


BEST EXPERIENCE – Don’t forget to make a stopover at the local wineries and local food shops. Scoop up quirky truffles, olive oil, and honey for a drool-worthy experience to satiate your taste buds.


So, ready to go? Before you go back and do your work, flick through our range of affordable Italy tour packages and browse more information from places to things and experiences to bookmark on Italy trip.


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