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Things to do in Spain

10 Top Things To Do In Spain

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Spain is known for its scenic landscape, vibrant culture and magnificent monuments. Check out 10 Best Reasons to Visit Spain and plan for your dream Spain Tour Packages with Swissolidays!!

Want To Enjoy Summers In Spain? Try These 10 Top Things To Do In Spain


If you are wondering which European honeymoon destination you should visit in summer with your beloved, then think of Spain. Summer is the season when Spain gets alive to its fullest. I mean, where else can you bask in the sun at the countless sun-kissed beaches and take part in the country’s popular events? Only in Spain.


Summers in Spain are comparatively more relaxing and the best time to visit than any other season because it’s the time when the beaches are perfect for swimming, surf, snorkel and sunbathing. From touring the ancient monuments to exploring the medieval castles, Spain offers many things to do in summers that are unique to do.




The summer months in Spain are from June to August, and Spain is considered hot and sunny. You can watch the streets of Spain that are Instagrammable buzzling with hoards of locals and tourists alike. One can arouse their spirits high and take part in cultural extravaganza like never before. Although the temperature hoards around 35 degrees Celsius, it hardly makes a difference at its popular beaches, markets, streets. In short, Spain, in summers, is sizzling to take part in.



Airport: Valencia Airport, San Pablo Airport, Madrid Barajas Airport, Malaga Airport, Barcelona International Airport

Public Transport Type: Road, Airways, Rail Routes

Currency: EURO

Spain Tour Package Cost: Starts @ INR 75,000 per person excluding flights


  1. Attend Tomatina Festival

If you are searching for that perfect reason to visit Spain in summer during August, then attending Tomatina Festival is the best one to pick. Tomatina Festival is a very unique and popular festival in Spain. It is a food fight that surpasses your wildest dreams fantasy. Approximately 40,000+ tourists, both locals, and foreigners, participate in the Tomatina Festival. This unique kind of festival is held in the charming town named Buñol, where participants throw ripe tomatoes at each other. Now that is one amazing thing you must do in Spain during the summer holidays.


  1. Live Football Fever By Touring Spain’s Football Stadiums

It’s a shame if you don’t know that Spain is the world popular for its football fever. And if you too are a football lover, then you should de      fo take the tour of all the famous football stadiums in Spain. You’ll have the best exposure of the ground where you favorite football players have hit the most legendary goals in football history! On the grounds, opportunities for photography are endless. Sport enthusiasts would love to explore the renowned football stadiums.


  1. Embrace The Barcelona Just Like You Embrace Your Sweetheart

Wondering why? International Travel Bloggers and many travel magazines listed Barcelona as one of the best places to enjoy summers in Spain. Barcelona is the perfect escape if you are visiting Spain in June. You, too, can head to the north like the Spanish locals to beat the city’s heart. The best place to cool yourself down in Barcelona includes Parc de la Ciutadella, where indulging in boating is the best thing to do. Barcelona is culturally rich, and this you will see when you explore the streets of Barcelona. In July to August, the city electrifies with live music featuring jazz and classical beats.


TIP – Architectural buffs can head to see the architectural marvel Cathedral Sagrada Familia. This cathedral is very popular amongst the tourists, and touring the Cathedral Sagrada Familia is the best fun thing to do in Spain. Make sure you add Barcelona to your Spin itinerary.


  1. Enjoy The World Famous Flamenco Show

No trip to Barcelona is considered complete without enjoying the world-famous Flamenco Show. The show is a perfect amalgamation of lively music and outstanding sizzling dance that will surely captivate your interest and make your evening wonderful in Spain. Watching the Flamenco show in Barcelona will give you the best knowledge of the ancient Spanish culture.


  1. Party Your Heart Out At Ibiza

Beat the heath right and groove to your fave tunes and beat the heat at the clubbing capital, Ibiza. It is amongst the top tourist places in Spain. It’s a beautiful island located in the Balearic, which we just said that with the name – clubbing capital. For a rocking island vacation in summers in Spain, Ibiza demands your visit if world-famous DJs and carfree party atmosphere is what you always seek at the destinations of the heart you visit.


TIP – A few famous clubs for partying in Ibiza is Pacha. It remains open throughout the year and houses music from world-renowned DJs like Pete Tong, David Morales. Couples can make their evenings more sophisticated by heading to the Cafe Mambo and savor the fancy cocktails to celebrate the romantic island evening on Spain honeymoon package.


  1. Live Royalty At Spain’s Most Beautiful Places

Spain is known for its fair share of jaw-dropping palaces that are world-famous. A few of the gorgeous places include Royal Alcazar of Seville and Granada’s Alhambra. You can embrace a romantic evening by taking a romantic stroll at the lush green manicured gardens at Royal Alcazar. Meanwhile, don’t forget to lose yourself in the charm of Alhambra. And you can’t miss photographing if you are an enthusiastic shutterbug!


  1. Unleash The Beach Lover In You At Costa Brava’s Beaches

Turquoise, picture-perfect, stunning white sans and unspoiled shores to take romantic strolls, summers in Spain are wonderful and just sounds the same we have mentioned for the beach lovers like me. So, if you want to cool off with your BAE on your honeymoon tour to Spain, don’t forget to unwind at the stunning Tamariu Beach. Various restaurants serve delicious fresh seafood. Tourists love to spend a fun-filled day on Spain’s beaches. You can admire nature’s beauty at the charming cove of Cala del Pi, it’s a Spanish heaven for the foreigner’s tourists like you! Laze at the soft sands and pristine blue waters.


TIP – Snorkeling, and other watersports are must try at the Spain beaches if you are seriously looking to do top adventure sports Spain.


  1. Watch Sunsets More Than Netflix

We urge you to watch sunsets more than Netflix while you are in Spain’s honeymoon with BAE. Sunsets in Spain are eternal and indeed, the best romantic things to do in Spain. Chase the Insta-Worthy sunsets at Granada’s Alhambra. Take your sweetheart to there and watch how to travel goals are made up off!!


  1. Witness Best Preserved Medieval Marvels

If you are just like me who’s always keen to explore the .best-preserved medieval marvels of the destinations you visit, then don’t’ miss to tour the best-preserved Medieval Marvels on your Spain holiday package in the city of Cordoba. Head to see the grandeur Mezquita Mosque, the marvelous wonders in Europe while the best part of exploring the Cordoba city is that it was easily explorable on foot. What’s a better way to soak the new country’s vibes without spending any cash on transportation?


  1. Sprint Your Heart Out At Picos de Europa

Climbing the Picos de Europa is the top adventurous things to do in Spain. Apart from its pristine turquoise blue beaches, and delicious tapas and sangria, Spain is known for its craggy peaks and formidable trails of Picos de Europa. Before trekking the final section, enjoy riding the Fuente De Cable Car. There’s a former monastery there where you can arouse some spiritual blessings.




What is the ideal duration for Spain holidays?

7-10 days provides you enough time to explore the best of Spain’s tourism places.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Spain?

According to affordability, and considering the beach vacations, summer months is the ideal time to visit Spain.



  • Summers in Spain are hot, so avoid wearing dark color clothes instead, wear light colors like yellow, baby pink, and another light color.
  • Carry sunscreen, hat, sunglasses on the beach out the day.
  • Don’t miss carrying your camera.
  • Check the timings of the monuments
  • And lastly, don’t forget to review the inclusions like stays, meals, sightseeing, transfers, monuments tickets, airfares.


So, tell Swissolidays that what plans you have for Spain holidays. We can help you get the low cost deals on budget Spain tour packages. All you have to do is to make inquiries about your Spain trip.

Ready to go to Spain?

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Spain Tour Packages

10 Best Reasons To Visit Spain

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Spain is known for its scenic landscape, vibrant culture and magnificent monuments. Check out 10 Best Reasons to Visit Spain and plan for your dream Spain Tour Packages with Swissolidays!!

10 Best Reasons To Visit Spain In 2020 That You Don’t Know Yet


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner folks, and if you’re still unsure where to take BAE out this season, you gotta give this blog a read. If you’re looking to enjoy a meal amidst the beautiful views, or laze around on a secluded beach, or go on together with your sweetheart to unfold the UNESCO World Heritage Site trips, then there is no better place to do so than Spain. Spain sounds like the perfect plan.

Spain is amongst the best places to visit in Europe in 2020 because it has so many treasures and a range of cultures, a history which could be found in each place you visit. One will stumble upon something fascinating since this south west European vacay spot is a beacon of perfect holidays for those who have not visited Spain yet and wants to cover it.

From unique architecture to spellbinding natural scenery, from immaculate beaches to UNESCO World Heritage Site in abundance, in this post, we are going to tell you why you should visit Spain in 2020 and what it has emerged as one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations. So, lend us your ears if you’re looking for the best convincing reasons to book Spain tour packages.

Spain Tour Packages

1. Ah-Mazing Beaches

The best element on international vacations are the beaches since the beach vacay never goes out of trend. If you’re looking for a secluded beach vacay where stretches of sand, turquoise waters vibes, surfing, snorkeling, water skiing, and windsurfing are best performed, then consider flying to Spain. Such is the charm of Spain beaches that around 4-5 beaches here top the TripAdvisor’s beaches list in Europe.


La Concha Beach at San Sebastian has fine golden sands, and you can enjoy the charismatic views of the bay. There are a range of romantic hotels around La Concha Beach, so finding accommodation is as easy as ordering pizza online.
If you are a party animal, then the Spanish Island of Ibiza is a paradise for you! Here parties go all day and all night. One can go to the nearby islands of Mallorca and Menorca if you’re booking Spain holiday package with family.


2. Get Amazed At Each Place You Visit

One of the most important reasons to visit Spain is that each province of Spain is
uniquely different from every other, and boasts its own breathtaking beauty! Be it be
exploring the Galicia, Basque Country or Catalonia or Andalusia, you and your sweetheart or family will be amazed at each place you visit.


3. Tropical Weather

Being located in southern Europe, Spain experiences long summers and pleasant 365 year-round weather with winters too! So, if you intend to take holiday packages to Spain, you can count on any month of the year to catch some rays either with your family, or friends or with your spouse. How is it sounding?


4. Heartwarming Locals

You have heard that the Bhutanese and Balinese people are the friendliest locals in the world, but Spain also staple its name on that list. You’ll find the locals in Spain talking about their customs, traditions in a gentle way. The Spain locals are known for offering world-class hospitality to their tourists and never hesitate to answer questions asked by tourists. One can ask for directions or even walk with them to take to the nearby directions you’re seeking to discover.
Such is the level of hospitality offered by the Spain locals that if you sit in a bar or
restaurants, you may end up having a friendly chat with the locals sitting around you! So, if you are someone who likes to engage in a healthy friendship with the person at each destination you visit, you can count on Spain.


5. Enthralling Flamenco Dance

You may have seen the dancers standing tall and proud, fan in her hands-on various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Do you know where these people belong to? They belong to Spain. It’s the enthralling Flamenco Dance, which highlights the popular culture of Spain in the best way! As a tourist on your Spain trip, you must unlock this enthralling art and passion which locals of Spain calls “Flamenco Dance.” For music and dance lovers, enthralling Flamenco Dance is itself the top reason to visit Spain . Don’t you think so?


6. Jaw-Dropping Bullfighting Scenes

Bullfighting in Spain from the cultural point of view is the main reason why tourist visits Spain. For most of us, it may be animal abuse, but as per the culture of Spain, bullfighting is considered as the symbol of Spanish culture. There are supporters of bullfights you will spot in Spain, which are regarded as the “Aficionados.” These supporters claim that they respect bulls and so they believe that bulls lead a better life than other cattle. This is the reason they many locals or tourist finds bullfighting scenes in Spain as a grand tradition. It’s an experience you must unfold on your Spain tour itinerary.


7. Amalgamation Of Contrasts

Which type of holiday person are you? Are you a beach person who likes to romance amidst the secluded shores or you’re someone who wants untangle the old school romance at the tiny white villages in the mountains? Maybe you’re architecture loving person and admire exploring the historical places, then without a doubt, give Spain a chance to fulfill all your dreams. It ticks all such fantasies of yours, be it be historical places like Medina Azahara in Cordoba and Balearic Islands for a secluded and tranquil holiday. You can combine a beachside holiday with cultural hopping trips in Spain to see the unique contrasts of Spain. How amazing is it?


8. Mouth-Watering Food

If you and your sweetheart have an insatiable sweet tooth, then mouth-watering food is the topmost reason to visit Spain . Tourists love to take Spain vacation packages because they all want to spoon up delectable tapas once in your lifetime. Tapas in Spain are known as the best food by the tourists across 50+ globes. You must try it along with wandering and fixing your cravings at the infinite local food markets, restaurants, and pavement tables that being Instagrammed by famous travel bloggers

BEST EXPERIENCE: Go for a local food hopping tour in Granada and unlock knowledge about their regional produce. You can check out San Sebastián’s pintxo, which is very popular in Spain.


9. Widely Spoken Language

Spain is amongst those countries in the world whose language is widely spoken across the earth. The Spanish language is very famous, and that’s why it is being taught in many schools not only in Spain but in Asian countries as well, including India, Singapore. Now, if you’re visiting Spain for the first time, it’s a good chance to explore the unwinding towns, pristine islands, and pictorial villages in Spain to take a deep dive into the birthplace of the Spanish language.
Fun Fact: on tour Spain village-hopping tour, you’ll get to learn the regional languages of Spain as well. The most famous ones are Catalan, Galician, and Basque. These languages are one of the oldest European languages.


10. Breathtaking Natural Beauty

This European country is nestled in the heart of every travel blogger because the
breathtaking natural beauty of Spain is stunning! It has dramatic mountains, countless sun-kissed blue beaches, pristine islands, and inspiring nature vistas that are eye-pleasing. Go for the south of Spain and get amazed by watching flora and fauna in abundance at the Canary Islands. You can explore the picturesque imposing Los Gigantes cliffs along with capturing the Mount Teide, the volcanic structure.


What Do The Swissolidays Team Do?

Tourists are the heartbeat of Swissolidays when it comes to Spain tour packages or any other destination package. We have a professional team who can make your Spain vacations the best. From locally based staff to a network of local guides, Swissolidays Spain trip planner team is extensively trained and widely traveled across each nook and corner of Spain.

With us, you can expect to enjoy every single theme of holidays like Adventure, Romance, Culture, Food, and much more in our affordable Spain tour packages.
The very important reason to visit Spain with us is we have trip management with whom you’ll feel like getting every aspect of the place you visit just like the guidebooks. From accommodation to food, Swissolidays will safely let you explore Europe from A to B safely and at low expense.


Best Time To Visit Spain –

Not less popular time but the most popular time to visit Spain is from September to
November and January to March. These are shoulder season in Spain but are best for you if you to explore Spain in budget expense.