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Best European Destinations To Enjoy Snowfall In Europe

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11 Best European Destinations To Enjoy Snowfall In Europe

Let’s be honest. What does a hassle-free trip filled with wellness and self exploration really mean? It’s true that looking after ourselves is key to bringing our a game on the daily, but discovering what makes feel good isn’t just about usual movie watching and going to small parties, – nor is it easy, one track journey. Hassle-free trips filled with wellness and self-exploration are what every traveller in 2020 is looking for, so this month, Swissolidays sharing our advice for feeling positive and fulfilled on your Europe tour packages.

Europe in the winter months is amazing to explore! Even if you have visited Europe earlier, there’s a chance that you’ll still experience quite the same way when you visit European cities in winter. In winters, the few European cities get covered in snow and look like a winter wonderland for couples.

Taking Europe tour packages in winters to witness snow is the best decision you could make to travel in 2020. Winter is the time when there are short days, but the ample snow provides tourists with the opportunity to delve into winter activities like ice skating, enjoying the northern lights. One can go on to explore the Christmas markets in Europe and shop the winter souvenirs for your home sweet home.

So, a winter exploration in Europe is a must if you want to discover the best of the best travel experiences in the top snowfall destinations in Europe. On the other hand, winters in Europe bring its most celebrated festivals like Christmas, New Year and is the best time of the year to experience the local culture and traditions. Flick through our blog post on top snowfall destinations in Europe, and take a deep dive through what makes each snowfall city in Europe so special. Shall we start OKAY!!


1. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt in Austria is a picturesque alpine town and is amongst the top destinations to enjoy snowfall in Europe that looks beautiful in winters. This picturesque European town is sitting isolated by a beautiful lake. Your visit to this beautiful town will reward you with breathtaking views of nearby snow-covered alps that look out of a fairy-tale book. The town gleams with white snow and is lined with alpine houses and gorgeous landscape.

Why Visit: You can walk through this white winter wonderland in Austria in a short expanse of time and can capture the beauty at each turn. You can pick a hiking excursion to the Hallstatt Skywalk High for enjoying the breathtaking snow-covered peaks.


2. The Prague, Czech Republic

Do you know that the city of Prague in the Czech Republic is amongst the best European cities to visit in winter ? The best thing about visiting Prague is that the town remains crowd-free in the winter and gets super busy in the winter. Explore the city of Prague on your Europe holiday package, because it’s the city of old world grandeur, amazing architecture, and intriguing culture. Apart from all this, you can literally watch the light dusting of snow under blue skies, which is the best romantic experience to have in Prague.

Why Visit: Head to Prague for Europe winter holidays if you are interested in unfolding the ancient culture. Also, Prague is the place for party animals too! You can sip the beers across many Instagrammable cafes, bars. There are many beer spas where you can satiate your cravings with the local brews.


3. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is amongst one of those winter snowfall destinations in Europe which is bookmarked as the trending winter vacation spot in Europe by many tourists. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, and it serves plenty of magical things to do for the tourists like you can explore the affordable Christmas, and eat flecked chimney cakes and witness the lightly falling snow experience with your sweetheart.

Why Visit: Enjoy the large thermal baths and unlock complete rejuvenation. Go for a food hopping tour at the picturesque cafes and feast on tasty treats like Chimney cakes and local cuisine. If you are someone who would like to pick winter sports, then you have options like ice skating.


4. Barcelona, Spain

Make your every 2020 moment count and plan to pick Barcelona, Spain to visit as your prefered winter destination in Europe. Barcelona, Spain is the true city of culture, and during the month of January, this European town gets blanketed with snow. You can try your hands in ice skating and have a lot of fun in Barcelona. For you, taking skates and renting some in the ice skating rink is the best winter activity to do in Barcelona, Spain.

Why Visit: A winter break in Barcelona is much needed! From taking snacks to hanging out on a terrace; from eating lunch or dinner in the freezing climate to going on a museum-hopping tour, you can enjoy several magical things in Barcelona in winters in each its every nook and corner. If you are a skiing lover enthusiast, you can actually try skiing in the snow-clad mountain and try your hands on snowboarding.


5. Interlaken, Switzerland

Who would not like to go on Switzerland honeymoon on their Europe tour package? Switzerland ranks on the top when it comes to picking the top destination to enjoy snowfall in Europe. If Switzerland is in your mind, go and explore the Interlaken. it’s a resort town in Switzerland, sitting in a beautiful valley. Interlaken is the winter wonderland in Europe and is surrounded and is placed close to the range of towering high peaks in the breathtaking Alps. One can try their hands in the range of outdoor activities.

Why Visit: With activities for all types of temperament people, Interlaken is popular amongst the tourists for its delicious swiss chocolate, shimmering lakes, gorgeous snow-covered mountain views. you can literally hit the slopes, and explore the cuteness of Interlaken with your sweetheart.

For the most magical winter experience at Interlaken, take your sweetheart to Lake Thun, or Lake Brienz. This is the place where you can immortalize the frozen moments. Arouse the child within you and pick sledding excursion. If you and your sweetheart are someone who gets drifted towards the more winter fun in Interlaken, you can go for the night sledding.


6. Venice, Italy

No other destination in the world is as popular as Venice in Italy when it comes to floating cities. So, it’s best for the couples to pick their moments and visit this Italian city on a European honeymoon package. Venice is a city of canals, and your trip to Venice will be all about wandering along the city’s charming canals. December to January are the winter defining months. These are the months to witness the Christmas decoration, Valentines’ Day retreats, and the opportunity to witness the snow pouring from the sky.

Why Visit: Head to Burano Island to watch the multicolors buildings. Its an old fishing town. Also, you can grab a blanket and enjoy a gondola ride. Its like unlocking a quintessential European vacay experience in Venice. Winter is the best time to experience the less crowded waterways. Also, keep yourself warm with the blankets.


7. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki in Finland is one of the best winter getaways in Europe and you will be surprised that it is amongst the coldest European winter cities. Its architectural beauty is breathtaking. If you are a honeymoon couple, then think of bookmarking Helsinki, Finland your Europe honeymoon vacay spot because, during the winters, this European town hardly receives 5 hours of sunlight and turns dark quickly!

Why Visit: Rejuvenate yourself in the winter wonderland of Helsinki in Finland by trying out the traditional Finnish Sauna. If your wife is as adventurous as you are, you can go for the ice swimming after the Finnish Sauna experience. To make your marriage bliss more charismatic, seek divine blessing at the Helsinki Cathedral, which gets blanketed with white snow in the winters.


8. Naples, Italy

Naples is one of the largest cities in Italy and attracts thousands of tourists every summer. So, it’s obvious that the best time to visit Naples is winter. It’s the time when Naples remains crowd-free. Tour the gorgeous coastline at the Gulf of Naples, and the nearby distance to Procida Island and beautiful Amalfi Coast makes Naples the winter wonderland of Italy. You will find good deals on airfares, accommodation, meals, sightseeing, transfers if you visit Naples in winter.

Why Go: Go for a history walking tour to view the center of Naples. Tour the main square called Piazza del Plebiscito. Take your wandering shoes for a day trip to ancient Roman town Pompeii.


9. Paris, France

Who would not like to go on a holiday which has been synonymous with romance and art for decades? NO ONE gonna miss this opportunity. Right? Paris is synonymous with enigmatic romance, and you should definitely arrive at Paris to combine your honeymoon or family vacay with snow-shrouded winter wonderland getaway! Soak the postcard-perfect views of the city lights with your sweetheart. The best time to visit Paris to bask in the snow is January and February.

Why Visit: Valentine’s Day is around the corner in a few days! Make your Valentine’s Day the most cherishing experience and fly to Paris to lock your love in the charm of Paris. For enjoying some knee-deep wading through snow, pick your accommodation at Ski- Resort.


1O. Grindelwald, Switzerland

With the tagline of the flawless mountain village of Switzerland, Grindelwald is a picturesque mountainous village that gives access to two slope regions and plenty of hiking trails to the thrill-seekers. One can find plenty of accommodation options for budget expenses. You will be flabbergasted with the beauty of this mountain village, and if you think that you need more Instagrammable villages to explore, go, and hop the nearby villages like Gimmelwald, Murren, Wengen, since all these villages provide access to the breathtaking mountain.


11. Andermatt, Switzerland

Last but not least, it’s no wonder why we are putting as much as Switzerland’s winter destination in our blog post of the most magical destinations in Europe for snow adventures. Andermatt in Switzerland is another postcard-perfect winter vacay spot to visit on your Switzerland vacay! From snow-covered mountains to ski slopes and thermal baths, you will get to enjoy the brilliant time in the small skiing village, which is now becoming the important Alpine resort destination in Switzerland.

Why Visit: Tourists be it be family travelers or honeymoon couples, give Andermatt a try because it is really a beautiful and charming winter holiday destination in Europe. You must experience luxury at Andermatt during your stay at George Hotel. It has indoor and outdoor heated pools for complete rejuvenation.


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