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Swiss national park

Swiss National Park

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Swiss National Park is located in the Western Rhaetian Alps, in eastern Switzerland and it is founded in 1914. This National Park is the first national park in Europe.

Swiss National Park is located in the Western Rhaetian Alps, in eastern Switzerland and it is founded in 1914. This National Park is the first national park in Europe. The major attraction of Swiss National Parks are Unequaled alpine scenery, re-introduced bearded vulture, golden eagle, Capricorn, chamois, stag, marmots, alpine forests and flowers. There is one road that runs through the national park, it is called “Pass dal Fuorn“. In the park, there are various species of animals, plants, flowers. The natural beauty of the park attracts visitors. In Park, animal shooting is not allowed. In the Swiss National Park, there are many hotels that provide food and beverages.

Europe National Parks and Lakes


Plitvica (Big Waterfall)




Lower Lakes

Adrenalin park Plitvice

Zurich Museum On Rails - Swissolidays

Zurich Museum On Rails

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The Zurich Rail Museum (Zürcher Museumsbahn) offers you to experience 100 years old steam train ride. This Zurich museum will make your holiday more memorable. The trip can be enjoyed with the light lunch in the museums dining car. On the last Sunday of every month from April to October, a steam service is operated from Zurich Wiedikon station to Sihlbrugg station.


Switzerland’s Rail Museums


Albula Railway Museum

Bahn der Internationalen Rheinregulierung (IRR)

Blonay-Chamby Museum Railway (BC)

Dampfbahn-Verein Zürcher Oberland (DVZO)

Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway (Dampfbahn Furka-Bergstrecke or DFB)

Schinznacher Baumschulbahn (SchBB)

Swiss Transport Museum, Lucerne

Zürcher Museums-Bahn, Zurich

Old City Of Bern swissolidays

Old City Of Bern

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Bern is was founded in 1191 by Duke Berthold V von Zähringen. Old Town is one of the famous Bern attraction and it is surrounded by Aare River. In 1983 the old town of Bern was enterned onto UNESCO’s listing of World Heritage Sites. The old town is famous for Clock Tower, the Prison Tower (Käfigturm), the sculptural fountains, the Cathedral (Münster), and sandstone buildings. The natural beauty of the town attracts the tourist. After exploring the Old Town you should explore other famous Bern attractions.


  • Kunstmuseum
  • Einstein Museum and the Historical Museum of Bern
  • Clock Tower
  • Paul Klee Center
  • Paul Klee Center
  • Berner Münster
  • Rosengarten
  • Granary
  • Bear Park
  • Gurten
  • Bundeshaus
  • City of Fountains
  • Natural History Museum
Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces

Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces

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Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces


Lavaux is a region in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces started on the eastern outskirts of Lausanne, Switzerland. The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Lavaux area is of 830 hectares and spread over 23 communities between Lausanne and Chateau de Chillon past Montreux in Villeneuve This is the marvelous place and wine route through the Lavaux vineyards. The beautiful terraced slopes of Lavaux are primarily associated with the area between Lausanne and Vevey, where visitors can enjoy fantastic views of the vineyards, Lake Geneva, and the Alps.


In Lavaux, Vineyard there are plenty of places where you can taste the Lavaux wines; including wine tasting rooms, cafes, and restaurants. The wine tasting rooms simply showcase the prepared local ingredients and plenty of Chasselas wine.


Lavaux-Oron District Attractions


Lake Geneva

Lavaux Vinorama

Servion Zoo

Olympic Museum

Lausanne Cathedral


Dézaley AOC

Lavaux Express


Palais de Rumine

Mont Pèlerin

Musée de l’Elysée


Swiss Vapeur Parc


Benedictine Monastery St. Johann

Benedictine Monastery St. Johann

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The internationally-renowned Convent of St. John in Müstair enjoys UNESCO World Cultural Heritage listing and owes its existence and uniqueness to Charlemagne. It is one of the few existing architectural examples from the Carolingian period.

With its magnificent frescoes, this 8th century convent houses the world’s largest and best preserved early medieval picture cycles. The convent museum in the Planta tower enables the nuns to provide visitors with a glimpse of the convent’s inner workings. Hence the Alpine region’s oldest castle tower, dating back to 960, is now accessible. The exhibition presents 1,200 years of monastic and architectural

The Müstair-based Convent of St. John dating back to 775 with the world’s largest cycle of early medieval frescoes from around 800 is a gem of fine art from the Carolingian period. The series of paintings adorns the entire church. In around 1200 the apses were painted over. Müstair owes its existence and distinctive character to Charlemagne. The Carolingian church and its unique wall paintings raises this magnificent Alpine monastery to the standing of a World Heritage listed site.Guesthouse

Nine rooms for single persons/married couples at the World Heritage site. Visitors are free to decide which activities they wish to take part in during their stay, and may participate in church prayers and the Eucharist. Meals are taken with guests of the convent in the dining room. The guesthouse chapel is available for reflection and meditation, and pastoral support is available. The nuns offer professionally-guided fasting weeks on several occasions during the year. Benedictine Monastery St. Jo

St. Gallen Abbey District

St. Gallen Abbey District

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Every turn of St. Gallen you will find history. The St. Gallen Abbey District landmarks are the Convent of St. Gall with its Baroque cathedral. The Convent of St. Gall includes; library and monastery archive and in 1983  it was added to the Unesco World Heritage List


Even today, in the world-famous Abbey Library the spirit of Benedictine monks is filled by many peoples. Abbey Library is called as Seelenapotheke (healing place of the soul). The Abbey Library is Switzerland’s most beautiful Baroque hall and it contains approx 170,000 books. 50,000 of these are housed in the Baroque hall, where the 2,700-year-old Egyptian mummy Shepenese is also to be found. The heart of the Abbey Library collection consists of 2,100 manuscripts and some of these are also displayed in the exhibitions.

One attractive place of the old city is its 16th to 18th-century burgher houses with its beautiful brightly painted bay windows. The astonishing city restaurants and welcoming street cafes also attract the tourist.

St. Gallen Attractions

Abbey of Saint Gall


Hoher Kasten


Knie’s Kinderzoo



Tamina Therme

Tamina River


Walter Zoo




St. Gallen Cathedral

Castles Of Bellinzona

Castles Of Bellinzona

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The three castles of Bellinzona namely; Castelgrande, Montebello and Sasso Corbaro are one of the main attractions in Canton Ticino. Castles of Bellinzona is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Castelgrande is located on a rocky peak and it is also known as Castello di San Michele or Burg Uri. The Castelgrande walls protect the old city and connect to Montebello. Castello Montebello is also known as Schwyz or San Martino. Among the three castles, Sasso Corbaro is the highest one. From the past 150 years, Bellinzona hosts a unique festival called Rabadan which means ‘noise’ in Piedmontese. Two towers namely; Torre Nera (28 meters) and Torre Bianca (27 meters) dominate Bellinzona’s Old Town. The Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Art are located in the Castelgrande.


The heavy walls of the castles and its infrastructures make it more appealing. From the top of the castles, you can view natural beauty all around including landscapes.


Bellinzona Attractions


Ponte Tibetano Carrasco

Lago di Vogorno

Monte Bar

Palazzo Civico

Chiesa di San Bernardo


San Giovanni Battista (Mogno)

Pizzo di Vogorno

Museo Castelgrande



Chiesa Santa Maria Delle Grazie

Chiesa Collegiata dei Santi Pietro e Stefano

Via Ferrata dei tre signori

Claro Abbey