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Gornergrat - SWissolidays


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Every 24 minutes, Europe’s highest open-air cog railway departs from Zermatt towards the sun-drenched, year-round accessible Gornergrat viewing platform at 3089 metres a.s.l.

Surrounded by no fewer than 29 4000-metre giants such as the majestic Matterhorn and the Dufourspitze as well as the third-longest glacier of the Alps, Gornergrat rewards visitors with a view that is overwhelming indeed.

“Gorner Glacier through the ages” a thematic path since June 2016 tells the fascinating story of the Gorner Glacier. 

The Gorner Glacier advanced into populated and cultivated land during the Little Ice Age (approx. 1300-1850/60) and destroyed it. It left much evidence behind, which can be explored on the thematic path. Rock surfaces, smoothly polished and striated, moraine deposits or glaciated knobs can all be seen on a walk of about 3 hours. Ten information panels provide additional exciting details.

The thematic path starts at Furi and continues to the right of the Gornera suspension bridge in the direction of Blatteten and returns to Schweimatten via the glacier garden. It shows how the Gorner Glacier moved back and forth during the post-glacial period and how it became an unpleasant neighbour during its last phase of advancement.


Altitude: 3089 m a.s.l.
Arrival: Train from Brig/Visp to Zermatt, from Zermatt by cog railway to the Gornergrat.
Timetable: Operates year-round, in Winter in 24-minute intervals
Travel duration to summit: There 33 min / back 44 mins