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Best Reasons To Visit Paris In 2020

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Best Reasons To Visit Paris In 2020 That WIll Drive Your Crazy!

The question isn’t what are the best reasons to visit Paris in 2020 , but rather in many days, because Paris is one of the trending European destinations in 2020 for couples, and family travellers. Paris is the capital city of France and has so many wonderful and varied options for, it can be hard to plan your Paris tour package itinerary without actually knowing the top reasons to visit Paris that drives thousands of travellers crazy.

Being on the most visited European cities in the world, Paris is the most romantic
European city for a reason. It has perfectly manicured streets, interesting history, and an exquisite number of experiences for the couples to enjoy!
If you and your partner is super excited to explore the city of lights, Paris, on your holidays, then let us help you! Here’s a mix of some of the most awesome reasons to pick Paris as your holiday destination in 2020. From local favourites that will make you experience Paris like a local Parsian to discovering the best sites and experiences, pack your bags for a pampering Paris holiday with Swissolidays!


1. Its Architecture Is Flawless

The art and architecture of Paris is flawless, which makes it the best European city for art and architecture lovers. With world-renowned landmark monuments, museums, and galleries, there’s without a doubt that a holiday to Paris in 2020 will be the best thing for you! Places like The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Les Invalides, Place De La Concorde boats the world-famous architecture masterpiece that will touch your history-loving soul.

The best way to take in many architectural landmarks from a distance is by picking the Seine Boat Ride. You can head to the Pantheon if you want to witness the amazing views of the necropolis for prominent deceased citizens.


2. Delicious Food & Wine

Do you know that the French love their food as much as they love their family? On your Paris holiday package, you’ll be spoiled with plenty of delicacies including basis crepes, exotic Foie Gras, meat-stuffed, pretzels, and much more! You can go to the food market hopping tour if you’re interested in learning the local language. the food streets are romantic and stylish not to ignore.

You can gorge on French and Partisan cuisine like Cheese and baguettes. Plus, you can go for fixing your hunger at the comfy restaurants and satiate your taste buds with the food prepared by the world-famous chefs. Try not to order coffee and pastries twice after eating them the first time.


3. Learn Parisian Fashion

Many of you may not be aware that the most Googled reason to visit Paris is why it is the most fashionable city in the world? YES! You heard it right! Paris is amongst the most fashionable cities, not across Europe only, but all over the world. It is home to the most influential fashion designers that are world-renowned. You will get to learn the new and trendy Parisian clothing style, which carries a unique aura. Go for Paris exploration on honeymoon package to Paris if you want to impress your sweetheart, because shopping and ladies, go hand in hand. How true is it?
Shop till you drop at the various vintage stores, and test your bargaining skills. You can head to the Grand Lafayette and Printemps. Moreover, for the best strolling experience, head to the Champs Elysees to get access to the high street shopping experience.


4. Best City For Romance Lovers

Discover on your Paris exploration that why it is called the best city for romance lovers. You’ll find and breathe romantic vibes every nook and corner you visit. The city of light, Paris has hostels, hotels, that are rich in elegant architecture. Even the bristol or cafes are equipped with awesome architecture. Of all the most tempting reasons to visit Paris for a honeymoon, the word “ROMANCE” is enough to describe Paris.

You can watch the sun going down from one of the romantic bridges over the Seine River. If you want to unwind uniquely, take romantic strolls on the narrow streets of
Montmartre, sip a glass of wine near the Place Vendôme.


5. Fancy A Photo With Eiffel Tower In The Background

We are sure that you would not mind taking a photo with the Eiffel Tower in the
background. On your Paris honeymoon package , you too can fancy a couple of selfies featuring the glorious Eiffel Tower in the background, just like many travel bloggers on social media do. Eiffel Tower is amongst the most visited historical marvel which has a height of 300 meters. the whole structure is made up of iron and stands on the banks of The Seine. Make sure you enjoy the panoramic view of the whole of Paris from the summit of the Eiffel Tower.


6. Idyllic Theme Parks & Garden

Put the fast-moving pace of Paris city life by heading to any of the idyllic theme parks and gardens to enjoy a day out a picnic. You can take a day to escape to the Luxembourg Garden. This park is the second-largest park and attracts tourist couples, local families since the park has ample amount of space for a picnic day out and boasts children playing areas. For the best experience, you can head to Disneyland Paris and enjoy the thrilling rides to test your adrenaline nerves.


7. Mind-Blowing Art Collections

Paris is amongst one of those European cities whose art collections will blow your mind for sure! If you call yourself an artist or an art-loving person, then you can’t miss this most important reason to visit Paris this 2020. One can take a museum-hopping and galleries hopping excursion on Paris vacay to view the intriguing art scenes that dated back centuries. The best museum to witness the intriguing art is the Louvre, t has more than 38,000+ art pieces, including the masterpiece – Mona Lisa.


8. Enjoy The Joy Of Traveling In A Local Metro

The best way to explore Paris like a local is by enjoying the joy of travelling in a local metro with other Parisians. The metro in Paris is a real joy of travel. You’ll get to travel with the local Paris people since most of the locals in Paris choose travelling with public transport instead of their own transport. Unlock this Persian pleasure on your Paris getaway!

Best Time To Visit Paris :

March to May – Its the time when Paris is visited by the tourists across the globe to enjoy outdoor adventures like cycling, walking, picnics, and more. March-May is the Springtime in Paris.

June to August – Between this duration, 8 hours of sunshine is expected in Paris. You must apply sunscreen and wear hats to avoid sun tanning. If lucky, you may see little downpour.

September to December: These months in Paris remains cooler at night, and is a time of the autumn season.

December to February – With temperature drops down the drop to 1°C, these three months in Paris are the extreme winter months. So, pack your winter clothes.
Tell us whether or not this travel blog on why you should visit Paris in 2020 is enough convincing or not? And yes, if you are searching for more reasons why you go to Paris in 2020 , then get real inspiration to travel to Paris on budget. Our Paris tour packages cover everything ranging from unique things to do, where to stay, to other practical tips. Book your 2020 Paris tour with Swissolidays.

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