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11 Most Romantic Places To Visit In Europe

Romantic Places in Europe



11 Most Romantic Places To Visit In Europe

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The Best 11 Most Romantic Places To Visit In Europe Which Exceeds The Wow Factor


Are you looking for romance, seclusion, delicious food experience? Look no further than Europe.


As a trusted Europe tour package planner, we at Swissolidays always getting asked here on our Social Media for about “Where should I honeymoon in Europe” along with what to do there with BAE? And it’s no wonder why couples are crazy over honeymooning in Europe.


Europe is the best place to go for a honeymoon if you and your sweetheart are interested in history, medieval cities, cobbled streets, luxurious beach resorts, and jaw-dropping landscape beauty.


You must consider planning a European honeymoon on the hunt for the most romantic experiences of your life. Home to many dreamy romantic getaways like Paris, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia Austria, you won’t find any dull moment in Europe holidays with BAE.


Still not tempted about visiting Europe’s most romantic cities? Then you are just like us, who may be seeking to kick off their romance and de-stress after the wedding. With that in mind, Swissolidays have prepared the list of the Best 11 Most Romantic Places To Visit In Europe, which are up the wow-factor.


Skim through the blog to see the best of Europe’s most romantic destinations :


  1. Montreux, Switzerland

Think back to all the romantic places in the world that are garnished with romance, and you’ll find Switzerland tops the chart. How many of you have discovered Switzerland? Not really enough, is my guess. And really, that needs to change. Take your sweetheart to Switzerland on a Europe tour package and explore the charming little town of Montreux.


This beautiful place is considered the most romantic attraction, which is unexplored. Its location adds more charm because Montreux is positioned at the banks of picturesque Lake Geneva.



  • You can indulge in cultural extravaganza and try many adventure sports with your beloved!
  • Visit the fairytale castle of Chillon.
  • Pass through the lush green vineyards and stop at the wine cellars for wine tasting tours.
  • Watch the wonderful views of the Swiss Alps and enjoy a breathtaking romantic sunset with your beloved.


  1. Paris, France

It’s not a surprise that the best romantic destination in Europe list can be done without Paris. It is located in France. Paris is a city you must visit with your partner at least once. The city is dubbed as the “City of Love” for its romantic vibes couples get throughout the city. from tons of restaurants to historic museums. You’ll have plenty of amazing experiences with your spouse. Spot the eternal charm of Eiffel Tower that glistens at sundown, devour the delicious pastries.



  • Cruise the waters down the River Seine and soak the views of the famous Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral.
  • Take the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower either in the evening or in the morning to arouse romantic conversations.
  • Shop til you drop at the Sabbia Rosa, it’s a delightful place for women to shop.
  • Savor Parisian dining at its best and choose Michelin Star Dining experience at the Parisian bistro.
  • Cuddle and romance in the beautiful City Garden with BAE to spend picnic time.


  1. Vienna, Austria

Strengthen your bond with your sweetheart in the vibrant capital of Austria, Vienna. Touted as one of the best romantic cities in Europe, Vienna is known for its imperial architecture, elegant coffee houses, rich culture, and romance in the air. Couples can indulge in tons of romantic experiences in Vienna, like exploring the fascinating museums, dining at the themed based cafes, and enjoying each your beloved one’s company over coffee and romantic strolls on the streets.



  • Ride the Giant Ferris Wheel and enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of the wheels. You can book a luxury cabin for you and your sweetheart only.
  • Attend classical music festival, gorge on the romantic dinner at Schonbrunn Palace. It’s one of the most beautiful European castles.
  • Wander on foot at the lively streets of Vienna and get mesmerized by with intriguing architecture.


  1. Prague, Czech Republic

You can’t have a list of best honeymoon destinations in Europe without Prague, Czech Republic. The city is world-renowned for its past achievements of middle ages and is shrouded with many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From cobbled streets to gothic architecture, from medieval charm scattered around the city to romantic experiences wandering on the ornate bridges, discovering the fascinating history and intriguing culture of Prague is what every couple should seek for!



  • Witness with the love of your life, the oldest Astronomical Clock in the world.
  • Leave and attach a paddle lock with a love message on the bridge in cobbled streets of Malà Strana.
  • Recharge your mind, body, and soul at a Beer Spa with your beloved. Eliminate the stress in you with a couple’s massage!


  1. Santorini, Greece

Greece on mind for a honeymoon? Don’t miss exploring the finest Greek island for honeymooners, Santorini. Considered the father of the romantic sunset towns in the world, Santorini and red, frosty sunsets go hand in hand. The Greek island is shrouded with charming white roofed houses overlooking the ocean that are perfect for portraying on your Instagram feed. No matter how romantic you are, your heart would weep of happiness from the romantic aura in Santorini.



  • Watch the red & frosty sunset at the Oia from the hilltop. The best you could do is book a rooftop table spot in Oia restaurants before sunset.
  • Sit along with your beloved on unlocking breathtaking views while sipping the famous Greek wine on the charming terrace balconies overlooking the blue waters.
  • Rent a boat to enjoy each other’s company in the blue sea while navigating around the coastline. Swim, surf, snorkel at the beaches too!
  • Cuddle up with your partner and watch a movie under the stars with your sweetheart. Reserve your seats at Kamari Open Art Cinema.


  1. Venice, Italy

Another top honeymoon destination in Europe is Venice. Located in Italy, Venice forces you to level up your romance and invites you to indulge in its charm by foot or boat, along with slowing down your pace and enjoying marvelous beauty around you! It is one of the best places in Europe for romance with your partner because it has gorgeous canals, charming walkway bridges, shopping arenas, and much more. Apart from relaxing and romancing on the Gondola ride with your loved one, Venice has a range of romantic experiences for couples.



  • Consume the copious amount of Venice history and go on a museum and church trail with your better half.
  • Unlock bohemian vibes and tour the quieter and quieter Dorsoduro, which is dotted with plenty of museums, churches, vintage shops, and charming eateries.
  • Stroll hands in hands in the small canal and spend a relaxing afternoon at the stunning Castello, which is rich in history and boasts amazing architecture.
  • Discover the colorful island of Burano, whose pictures get trend over Instafarm. Admire all the bright colors houses with your soulmate. Shop the handmade artisan clothes.


  1. Barcelona, Spain

Unique architecture, electrifying food, immaculate beaches are the few adjectives that clear all the answers of couples who are wondering where I should honeymoon in Spain. Barcelona is the perfect romantic place to ignite passion with your beloved and infuse some Spanish romance in your European honeymoon packages.


Apart from its pristine blue beaches, this European romantic getaway is known for its lively locals, open terrace cafes, and beautiful landscape beauty in abundance. Barcelona is blessed with a laid back Mediterranean vibe, and here you can get a lost hand in hand in cobbled. Backstreets while witnessing the sun setting with a sweetheart.



  • Spend a romantic evening amidst the Magic Fountains and watch the combined performance of water and light show.
  • Grab some bottles of wine and delicious food to unlock 360 degrees of panoramic views of Barcelona by heading to Bunkers del Carmel.


  1. Budapest, Hungary

Steal a romantic kiss at the Hungary capital, Budapest, if you want to spend your honeymoon while enjoying the romantic rooftop bars, chic cafes, places bathed in rich history, and wants to unlock relaxation at thermal waters healing with a wine tasting tour. Exploring the most romantic central European city, Budapest, on your European honeymoon is the best decision you could make.


Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is dotted with dramatic architecture and fairytale castle. Did we mention that there’s no dearth of romantic hotels in Budapest, and you can stay at very affordable costs as compared to other European destinations?



  • Bring a little Paris to you Budapest honeymoon package and start a day with a champagne breakfast. Gorge on an omelet with truffles in a deluxe cafe.
  • Soak the city views from the and head to St; Stephen’s Basilica to see the Budapest panoramic views.


  • Relax, revive, rejuvenate at the beer spa center to unlock muscle-melting pleasures in thermal waters. Most of the beer spas in Hungary are dotted with marble tubs where you can sip beer too!
  • Rent a lavish wooden boat to gaze at the panoramic views of Danube. For adventure honeymooners, this activity is a must-do in Budapest. You can step on a boat and enjoy a glass of champagne served by the boat staff.


  1. Istria, Croatia

If you think Croatia is one of the most romantic cities in Europe, then you are not alone. One such place in Croatia signifies this. Istria makes up the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, a utopia of beautiful coastline, pristine beaches, and turquoise blue waters lapping against the shores.


You should take your sweetheart to Croatia for an ultimate European honeymoon experience. You with your spouse can inhale Mediterranean tranquility, serenity. Get to explore the traditional fishing villages with your sweetheart, which is dotted with the green hills and forests.



  • Australia is a wonderful place to untangle years of history and culture in the form of buildings, landscapes, cuisine, people, and language.
  • Indulge in the outdoor adventure with your spouse and witness the orange, red, and purple light of the falling sun scattered across the blue waters.
  • Hike the stunning vistas or test your adrenaline by trying zip-lining or trekking gorgeous waterfalls.


  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The only jumping-off point to explore the surrounding European romantic cities, Amsterdam is special for honeymooners because this place has approximately 150 canals connecting the compact city and over 1300+ bridges that are perfect for taking a romantic stroll with your sweetheart. Reaching Amsterdam from other European countries is pocket-friendly and is as easy as ordering the pizza online.


You can reach Amsterdam by flight and explore the nearby European cities on a train journey. Walking on bridges and witnessing the sunset is watching the best things to do for couples.




Hop-On A Romantic Cruise Journey And Savor Wine & Cheese For many couples, wine and cheese by candlelight in the best romantic experience on honeymoon. If you too are amongst that couple who just feel the same, you can book an Amsterdam cruise followed by a candlelight dinner.


This experience is romantic for couples because the cruise journey gives you the enigmatic way to relax, and revive with your sweetheart. Imagine receiving the glass of wine, snacks, and local Dutch cheese, and you’re enjoying the city views on a cruise. Nothing sounds better.


Go on a two hours coffee shop tour and sip the favorite Amsterdam coffee in the various famous coffee shops.


Amsterdam is famous for its nightclubs, so don’t forget to shake your booty with your sweetheart in the famous night clubs like – Club Smokey, Club Amsterdamned, Club Hartje, and Club Candela.


  1. Mykonos, Greece

Friendly locals, delicious food, world-famous beaches, party culture, ravish beach parties, Mykonos in Greece is the perfect European romantic honeymoon destination to celebrate the start of your relationship together. With your sweetheart, you bask in the charm of Mykonos because it’s a super relaxing place for couples in Greece.


Add Mykonos in your Greek honeymoon itinerary and bask in the sun, enjoy the crystal clear water, and unlock pampered by indulging in a beach massage by the local women on the Agios Sostis Beach. The best way to explore Mykonos is to rent an ATV with your partner.



  • Paraga Beach is a wonderful spot for relaxing, partying with your beloved. Head to Kalua Beach Bar to enjoy some drinks.
  • Swim the turquoise blue waters against the rocks and sit with your partner in the middle of the bay to soak tranquility. You will get beautiful moments to witness the sunsets.


Ready for the ultimate European honeymoon adventure? In enigmatic Europe, romance and adventure await around every corner. You can choose to soar through the best romantic places in Europe in an affordable price range.


For all your bucket list tickers, Swissolidays have got personalized Europe honeymoon packages. Explore the best honeymoon destinations in Europe with us and return back home with lots of memories.

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