10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Europe

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10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Europe

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10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Europe You Need To Head For A Beach Perfect Date


Paint your heart out with ahh-mazing beach vacay and grab your bikinis and swimsuits. This blog on the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe will take your breath away!

Travelling on affordable Europe Beaches has been a dream for almost all of us and this 2020 year defo calls for a long secluded beach vacay! Well, European most sensational coastlines is waiting for you, if you’re the kind of person who likes to pain the stress away from your monotonous life and lives for a perfect international vacation experience. With great long stretches of golden and pink sands, secret coves, the calm, pristine blue waters, Europe is an amazing continent that has many gorgeous beaches.

We tried picking one beach from each European country. Understand that the keyword is we Swissolidays tried. Maybe we have missed a bunch of unexplored beaches in Europe.

Breathe Beach Vibes At Your Favorite European Beaches :



Sardinia island in Italy is synonymous with beautiful beaches and is one of the best summer paradise spots in Italy which has endless white sandy beaches. Cala Mariolu resembles the beaches of your wildest dream. Go there and plan a vacay! This beach is all about heavenly waters and the best way to reach there is only by boat. Cala Mariolu is in Sardinia and is backed by gorgeous mountains, and the cliffs surrounding Cala Mariolu Beach shines in the late afternoon when the sunsets. You must visit this beach in Italy on your European holidays.


2. Playa de Maro Beach, Spain

If you are visiting Spain for your vacation, then you must visit Playa de Maro beach in Spain which is amongst the finest beaches in Spain. You could find this beautiful gem outside the village of Nerja. Take your sweetheart to this Spain beach if you and she loves to weave wild and romantic beach experience. You can take your food, umbrellas, water with you at Playa de Maro, Nerja beach because amenities serving there are scare.

BEST FOR – Watersport lovers like snorkeling, scuba diving, underwater marine world explorer, kayaking, canoeing and a visit to gorgeous unexplored waterfalls nearby.


3. Étretat Beach, France

If you have selected France tour packages on your Europe trip, then you should defo explore the damned beautiful Étretat beach, which is located in the Normandy region. This beach has scenic cliffs and is a typical powdery white sand beach. Many tourists love to visit this beach to satiate and soak warm perfect beach vibe s on summer days. You must visit Étretat beach in the morning if you want to score the best viewpoint to gaze the scenic cliffs.


4. Warnemünde Beach, Germany

Warnemünde Beach in Germany is amongst the offbeat beaches in Europe. It is one of the best Northern European beaches and has impeccable powdery white sands. You can spend a relaxing summer day because the Warnemünde Beach hot winds are balanced out by the Sea Breeze of the Baltic Sea. the best part about holidaying at Warnemünde Beach is there are restaurants, bars, comfy cafes and other modern amenities are in abundance. If you’ e planning to visit Germany in July, you can watch the annually help maritime festival too.


5. Caneiros Beach, Portugal

This beach in Portugal is 30 minutes away from Faro Airport. Caneiros Beach is known for its brilliant stretch of fine, yellow sand. You will get to see that gorgeous high cliffs surround the Caneiros beach. The best watersport you could do here is indulging in paddle boating, exploring the caves, delve into the beauty of the surrounding cliffs. Caneiros Beach in Portugal is perfect for your European beach getaway. Enjoy splashing out on oysters, eat lip-smacking food that sits on the sands. Did we mention you can lay on the plush for poster daybed too?


6. Elafonissi Beach, Crete, Greece

Greece is a graceful European destination and is amongst the top beach destinations in Europe for a reason. Head to Crete in Greece to make a perfect beach break in Europe the beach is wrapped in pink-tinged sand that meets with the turquoise blue waters. You can unlock peace, relaxation and tranquillity by lazing on the sunbeds on the sands. From snorkeling to scuba diving to another watersport,s Elafonissi Beach calls you on your Greece honeymoon package.


7. Sakarun Beach, Dugi Island, Croatia

Croatia is a favorite honeymoon destination in Europe, and if you’re mad over Croatia honeymoon, you should visit the Sakarun Beach, which is located in Dugi Island. Your visit to this beach will reward you with sweeping, panoramic views and tons of pristine blue waters as far as your eyes can see. Sakarun beach in Croatia could be a European paradise beach for you since the beauty of this beach is like it is surrounded by pine forests and has white powdery sands.

You can swim, snorkel and capture Instagrammable moments with your sweetheart when you are at Sakarun Beach.


8. Constantine Beach, England

Constantine Beach is one of the finest beaches in Europe and is located in Cornwall in England. Make your toes wet and dip in the sweeping arch of soft golden sand. Go for swimming option too! There are plenty of watersport activities at Constantine beach like snorkeling, surfing, kayaking. This beach is perfect for family vacay to the United Kingdom because you’ll find many locals with their four-legged furry dogs spending time.


9. Calanques Beach, France

Calanques Beach in France is one of the most prominent beaches in Europe known for its golden sand. If you are planning a family vacay on France tour packages, then you should defo head to this beach, which i located in Provence region of France. Calanques Beach is situated around the protected area. you can pick many other adventures when you plan to visit Calanques Beach like a bit of hiking, and gazing sunset at the beautiful vista points that should not be missed if you’re visiting France on honeymoon vacay!


10. Zlute Lazne, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one such European destination for honeymoon which is famous for its jam-packed flabbergasted Bohemian history and marvellous Gothic wonders. Not many people know that the beaches in the Czech Republic are the lifeline of this European nation. The Zlute Beach is one such beach where you can unwind on the white sands while enjoying facilities like roller skates, boat trips. You can also play beach volleyball with your family or sweetheart at Zlute Beach. The watersport here to enjoy ae water skiing, paddle boarding and much more.

Now you know why we are so hyped about the 10 gorgeous beaches in Europe. We are going there and booking out spots there right away! What about you?


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